Endocrine-Related Cancer Table of Contents May 2019

Table of contents: Endocrine-Related Cancer Volume 26, Issue 5.
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The May issue of Endocrine-Related Cancer is now available online. See below for a list of published articles.
Interplay between the androgen receptor signalling axis and microRNAs in prostate cancer by Rayzel C Fernandes et al.
Non-invasive follicular thyroid neoplasm with papillary-like nuclear features (NIFTP): a review for clinicians by Pedro Weslley Rosario and Gabriela Franco.
Androgen receptor enhancer usage and the chromatin regulatory landscape in human prostate cancers by Suzan Stelloo, Andries M Bergman and Wilbert Zwart.
PIK3CA mutations in ductal carcinoma in situ and adjacent invasive breast cancer by Marie Colombe Agahozo et al.
Enriched environment inhibits breast cancer progression in obese models with intact leptin signaling by Grant D Foglesong et al.
mPRs represent a novel target for PRL inhibition in experimental prolactinomas by Maria Andrea Camilletti et al.
Parental obesity programs pancreatic cancer development in offspring by Raquel Santana da Cruz et al.
Exosomes increased angiogenesis in papillary thyroid cancer microenvironment by Feng Wu et al.
Genotype-phenotype correlations in pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma: a systematic review and individual patient meta-analysis by Joakim Crona et al.
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Endocrine-Related Cancer Table of Contents May 2019


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