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Putative Microbial Population Shifts Attributable to Nasal Administration of Streptococ…
Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins; De Grandi R, Drago L et. al.

Dec 12th, 2018 – Changes in bacterial composition of nasal microbiota may alter the host’s susceptibility to several infectious and allergic diseases such as chronic rhinosinusitis and allergic rhinitis. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of 1-week …

Nasal nitric oxide in the inferior turbinate surface decreases with intranasal steroids… Preview
Auris, Nasus, Larynx; Takahara D, Kono T et. al.

Dec 12th, 2018 – It remains controversial whether nasal nitric oxide (NO) serves as a reliable parameter to evaluate treatment efficacy in patients with allergic rhinitis (AR). The measurement of local nasal NO levels has been shown to be a sensitive marker for th…

Prospective observational study validating the German version of the Control of Allergi… Preview
NPJ Primary Care Respiratory Medicine; Werner CU, Koch L et. al.

Dec 6th, 2018 – The Control of Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma Test (CARAT10), developed by Portuguese experts, is the only questionnaire assessing asthma control under additional consideration of a frequently concurrent allergic rhinitis (AR), providing sub-scores …

Discriminating severe seasonal allergic rhinitis. Results from a large nation-wide data… Preview
PloS One; Caimmi D, Baiz N et. al.

Nov 28th, 2018 – Allergic rhinitis (AR) is a chronic disease affecting a large amount of the population. To optimize treatment and disease management, it is crucial to detect patients suffering from severe forms. Several tools have been used to classify patients a…

Der p 1-specific regulatory T cell response during house dust mite allergen immunotherapy. Preview
Allergy Boonpiyathad T, Sokolowska M et. al.

Nov 28th, 2018 – Allergen-specific immunotherapy (AIT) is the only available treatment for allergic diseases that can induce specific immune tolerance to allergens. The key mechanisms involved in this process include changes in allergen-specific regulatory T (Treg…

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Guidelines 9 results

Allergic Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma (ARIA) guidelines-2016 revision. Preview
The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology; Brożek JL, Bousquet J et. al.

Jun 13th, 2017 – Allergic rhinitis (AR) affects 10% to 40% of the population. It reduces quality of life and school and work performance and is a frequent reason for office visits in general practice. Medical costs are large, but avoidable costs associated with lo…

Clinical practice guideline: Allergic rhinitis. Preview
Otolaryngology–head and Neck Surgery : Official Journal of American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery; Seidman MD, Gurgel RK et. al.

Feb 4th, 2015 – Allergic rhinitis (AR) is one of the most common diseases affecting adults. It is the most common chronic disease in children in the United States today and the fifth most common chronic disease in the United States overall. AR is estimated to aff…

Clinical practice guideline: allergic rhinitis executive summary.Preview
Otolaryngology–head and Neck Surgery : Official Journal of American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery; Seidman MD, Gurgel RK et. al.

Feb 4th, 2015 – The American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation (AAO-HNSF) has published a supplement to this issue featuring the new Clinical Practice Guideline: Allergic Rhinitis. To assist in implementing the guideline recommendations, …

Practical guide to skin prick tests in allergy to aeroallergens.Preview
Allergy Bousquet J, Heinzerling L et. al.

Nov 5th, 2011 – This pocket guide is the result of a consensus reached between members of the Global Allergy and Asthma European Network (GA(2) LEN) and Allergic Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma (ARIA). The aim of the current pocket guide is to offer a comprehen…

Immunotherapy for allergic rhinitis. Preview
Clinical and Experimental Allergy : Journal of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology; Walker SM, Durham SR et. al.

Aug 19th, 2011 – Allergic rhinitis (AR) affects more than 20% of the population in the United Kingdom and western Europe and represents a major cause of morbidity that includes interference with usual daily activities and impairment of sleep quality. This guidance…

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Effects of Intranasal Fluticasone Plus Azelastine on Airway Inflammation in Patients With Asthma & Allergic Rhinitis

Oct 31st, 2018 – The unified allergic airway describes patients who have both asthma and allergic rhinitis. Both conditions have similar underlying pathophysiology in terms of T-helper 2 (Th2) cell activation. Patients with unified allergic airway disease have a g…

Seinäjoki Adult Asthma Study

Oct 26th, 2018 – At baseline visit the diagnostic studies performed were: spirometry, PEF (peak expiratory flow) follow-up, other respiratory physiology measurements, laboratory, skin-prick, AQ20 (Airways questionnaire 20), 15D, background data. At follow-up visit…

Study to Investigate Effects of CAL-101 in Subjects With Allergic Rhinitis Exposed to Allergen in an Environmental Chamber

Oct 23rd, 2018 – A Phase I, randomized, double-blind crossover study of CAL-101, an oral inhibitor of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) delta, in patients with allergic rhinitis.

Study on Association Between Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis and Cognitive Ability in Children

Oct 22nd, 2018 – INTRODUCTION Allergic rhinitis is the reportedly second most common reported chronic health condition in Hong Kong children under the age of 14, with the Child Health Survey 2005-2006 indicating a prevalence of 24.5%. Allergic rhinitis is a type I…

Effects of Broccoli Sprout Extract on Allergy Rhinitis

Oct 18th, 2018 – Allergic rhinitis is a common illness suffered among US Veterans. Despite the availability of medications, many patients fail to get adequate control of symptoms especially in high pollutant areas. Southern California air pollutants, like diesel e…

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Gestational, umbilical cord vitamin D levels don’t predict atopic disease in offspring
Jeff Craven

Dec 3rd, 2018 – Vitamin D levels measured in maternal sera during gestation and in umbilical cord blood were not predictive of the prevalence of eczema, food allergy, asthma and allergic rhinitis in children at ages 2 years and 5 years, according to study results.

Allergy Testing in Dermatology and Beyond
MDedge Dermatology; Ashley D. Lundgren, MD

Nov 28th, 2018 – Allergy testing typically refers to evaluation of a patient for suspected type I or type IV hypersensitivity. 1,2 The possibility of type I hypersensitivity is raised in patients presenting with food allergies, allergic rhinitis, asthma, and immedi.

New Drug Combinations for Asthma, COPD at CHEST 2018

Oct 1st, 2018 – SAN ANTONIO — New combinations of known and experimental drugs will be explored at the American College of Chest Physicians Annual Meeting as the pharmaceutical search for better control of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) c…

Fast Five Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Fall Allergies

Sep 21st, 2018 – Although many people associate allergies with the growth and development of plants in spring and summer, allergic symptoms are very common in the fall as well. Ragweed is the biggest allergy trigger during the fall season, but mold, dust mites, an…

Advise parents on validity of AD-associated conditions
Heidi Splete, Family Practice News

Aug 7th, 2018 – Atopic dermatitis is becoming more prevalent in the industrialized world, along with other atopic disorders, including allergic rhinitis and asthma, according to Douglas W. Kress, MD, of the department of dermatology at the University of Pittsburg.

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