Epistaxis complicating treatment by anti-vitamin K and new oral anticoagulants

Publication date: Available online 4 May 2018
Source:European Annals of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Diseases
Author(s): V. L’Huillier, C. Badet, L. Tavernier
ObjectivesTo assess any differences in severity and management of epistaxis when complicating treatment by anti-vitamin K (AVK) or by new oral anticoagulants (NOAC).Materials and methodAll patients admitted to the ENT department of a University Hospital Center for epistaxis under oral anticoagulation therapy between January 2010 and June 2015 were included in a retrospective study. Severity was assessed in terms of management and of hemoglobin level at admission. Two groups were distinguished: treatment by AVK or by NOAC.ResultsOne hundred and thirty-four patients were included: 126 under AVK and 8 under NOAC. There was a significant difference in mean hospital stay: 4.5 days for AVK versus 3.5 days for NOAC (P=0.019; 95% CI [0.1921; 0.8907]). There were no significant differences for the other severity criteria. None of the patients died.ConclusionAdmission rates for epistaxis complicating NOAC therapy was low, and much lower than in case of AVK. Bleeding severity was equivalent with both treatments. NOACs significantly reduce hospital stay. Contrary to the study hypothesis, epistaxis is less serious when complicating NOAC than AVK therapy.


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Epistaxis complicating treatment by anti-vitamin K and new oral anticoagulants


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