Recurrence of Giant Cell Tumor of The Larynx

Giant cell tumor of the larynx is a rare tumor. It was first reported by Wessely et al in 1940. Thirty-nine cases have been reported until now and together with the current case 2 recurrences were encountered. In this case report, our aim was to discuss conservative management because of the suspicion of recurrence. A 70-year-old male patient was admitted to our clinic with the complaint of hoarseness. A tumor measuring 1 × 1 cm located in the anterior half right vocal fold and extending to the anterior comissure was found on laryngeal endoscopy. Direct laryngoscopy and biopsy of the mass revealed giant cell tumor on histopathological examination. Tumor resection with cordectomy through laryngofissure and subsequently medialization thyroplasty were performed. Horaseness of the patient improved. On 2-year follow-up, a tumoral lesion suggesting recurrence was found on the vocal cord. Direct laryngoscopy and biopsy confirmed recurrence. Total laryngectomy was performed. This is the second case of recurrent giant cell tumor of the larynx. The therapy of choice should be selected considering the possibility of recurrence.

Address correspondence and reprint requests to Dr. Ayşe Vildan Özsan, Haseki Training and Research Hospital, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Fatih- Istanbul, Turkey; E-mail:

Received 20 January, 2017

Accepted 23 September, 2017

The authors report no conflicts of interest.

© 2018 by Mutaz B. Habal, MD.

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Recurrence of Giant Cell Tumor of The Larynx


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