Highly accurate real-time image steganalysis based on GPU


With the development of steganography, it is required to build high-dimensional feature spaces to detect those sophisticated steganographic schemes. However, the huge time cost prevents the practical deployment of high-dimensional features for steganalysis. SRM and DCTR are important steganalysis feature sets in spatial domain and JPEG domain, respectively. It is necessary to accelerate the extraction of DCTR and SRM to make them more usable in practice, especially for some real-time applications. In this paper, both DCTR and SRM are implemented on the GPU device to exploit the parallel power of the GPU and some optimization methods are presented. For implementation of DCTR, we first utilize the separability and symmetry of two-dimensional discrete cosine transform in decompression and convolution. Then, in order to make phase-aware histograms favorable for parallel GPU processing, we convert them into ordinary 256-dimensional histograms. For SRM, in computing residuals, we specify the computation sequence and spilt the inseparable two-dimensional kernel into several row vectors. When computing the four-dimensional co-occurrences, we convert them into one-dimensional histograms which are more suitable for parallel computing. The experimental results show that the proposed methods can greatly accelerate the extraction of DCTR and SRM, especially for images of large size. Our methods can be applied to the real-time steganalysis system.

from Medicine via paythelady.61 on Inoreader http://ift.tt/1Tfy5Y8

Highly accurate real-time image steganalysis based on GPU


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