Comparison of Three Methods Used for Estimating Area of Foramen Magnum


To compare whether there are any differences between the 3 methods used for measure area of foramen magnum (FM) in skulls.


The FMs of 150 skulls were examined. Antero-posterior diameter, transverse diameter were measured using by Vernier caliper. The area of the FM was calculated by using 2 different formulas as described previously by Radinsky and Teixeira.

The authors also applied stereological assessment method for estimating the surface area of FMs. The area was calculated 3 times manually using stereological point grid system for each skull.

The authors compared the mean surface area of FMs obtained from each of these 3 methods estimating surface area of FMs whether there were any significant differences in between their results.


The mean areas of the FMs estimated according to Teixeria formula, Radinsky formula, and Cavalieri stereological method were respectively as follows: 790.47 ± 99.86 mm2, 783.66 ± 99.34 mm2, and 748.06 ± 100.19 mm2. The authors observed significant differences (P 

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Comparison of Three Methods Used for Estimating Area of Foramen Magnum


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