ASBA Participates at Pro Bowl Screening 2018 in Orlando, FL

Dr. Rosenbaum and Former NFL RB Don Nottingham

Dr. Rosenbaum and Former NFL RB Don Nottingham

The Pro Bowl Screening on January 27, 2018 saw an impressive 60 former players in attendance. During the event, the participants move through multiple stations that specialize in different health categories. Pro Player Health Alliance (PPHA) oversees the sleep apnea station at the screenings and only selects American Sleep and Breathing Academy (ASBA) dentists, preferably diplomates when accessible, to join the program in order to ensure the highest quality of service.

Dr. Rosenbaum out of Miami, FL was selected for this event due to his tremendous amount of training. “In just a matter of 5 hours I added 25 retired NFL players as patients to my sleep practice. The screening was organized, professional and beyond what I expected. Having the screening inside the Health Center at University of Central Florida was the cherry on top. Taking my staff to the Sleep Group Solutions/ASBA Boot Camp was the best decision I could have made; I heard awesome feedback from other doctors about my staff. This is one of the most exciting things I’ve done in years and I highly recommend all of my colleagues to join the ASBA, attend the annual meeting and bring your staff for the boot camp.  It’s fun, exciting and financially rewarding. These NFL players are amazing to work with,” said Dr. Rosenbaum.

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ASBA Participates at Pro Bowl Screening 2018 in Orlando, FL


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