A real-time secret image sharing with fairness


When traditional secret image sharing techniques reconstructed the secret, they input the shares over t. While less than t shares can know nothing about the secret, the problem arises when there are more than t shares. The cheater can use this to put their share in the last. Therefore, fairness is a important objective of the secret image sharing. Tian et al. proposed the fairness secret sharing scheme in 2012. However, they generated v polynomials for one secret data and performed v-times to reconstruct the polynomial using Lagrange interpolation. Therefore, their scheme is unsuitableness in the real-time processing. The proposed scheme generates one polynomial for the one secret data based on the fairness concept of Tian et al.’s scheme. For the providing fairness, the proposed scheme hides the verification value at the random coefficient of the polynomial. During the secret image reconstruction procedure, each shadow image brought by a participant is verified for its fairness using XOR operation. Our scheme not only satisfies the fairness, but also is suitable for the real-time process. This helps to detect the participant from intentional provision of a false or cheating. In addition, our scheme uses the steganography technique for increasing the security protection purpose. The proposed scheme as a whole offers a high secure and effective mechanism for the secret image sharing that is not found in existing secret image sharing methods. In the experimental result, PSNR of the proposed scheme is average 44.67 dB. It is higher 4 dB than the previous schemes. The embedding capacity is also similar to the other schemes.

from Medicine via paythelady.61 on Inoreader http://ift.tt/20cWqkl

A real-time secret image sharing with fairness


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