Human kinases display mutational hotspots at cognate positions within cancer.

HUMAN KINASES DISPLAY MUTATIONAL HOTSPOTS AT COGNATE POSITIONS WITHIN CANCER. Pac Symp Biocomput. 2016;22:414-425 Authors: Gallion J, Wilkins AD, Lichtarge O Abstract The discovery of driver genes is a major pursuit of cancer genomics, usually based on observing the same mutation in different patients. But the heterogeneity of cancer pathways plus the high background mutational frequency of tumor cells often cloud the distinction between less frequent drivers and innocent passenger mutations. Here, to overcome these disadvantages, we grouped together mutations from close kinase paralogs under the hypothesis that cognate mutations may functionally favor cancer cells in similar ways. Indeed, we find that kinase paralogs often bear mutations to the same substituted amino …

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Human kinases display mutational hotspots at cognate positions within cancer.


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